About Us

The Church of St. George the Martyr, Dean Prior, is a delightful 14th Century church offering a rich Heritage and a warm welcome with an atmosphere of friendly fellowship and quiet, spiritual reflection. 
Whilst these services  follow the traditional format using the Book of Common Prayer, with Holy Communion most Sundays  and readings from the King James Bible, we enjoy a modern range of hymns. 
Located adjacent to the A38 Devon Expressway, between Exeter and Plymouth. You can see the St. George's flag flying proudly above the Bell Tower. There is a pull-off parking bay at the front and a Car Park at the rear of the Church, just up the lane on the left. 
: We have a varied and interesting programme of events each year.

We are a
growing congregation with a mixture of retired and younger parishioners, who love Dean Prior Church and we are most grateful to those volunteers who help us with the upkeep of the church grounds.
Blessings to them. 
We welcome new members of all ages and their families.

We very much welcome new members of all ages.
Visitors and Communicants are advised to wrap up warmly when visiting the church,
especially in the winter months.

The village surrounding the church, once included a school, and many cottages, these were all pulled down to build the new road through. 
Around the church, now lying directly to the left of the main road, had been ‘Church Town, with its cottages, church house and school and across the valley and now on the other side of the A38, lie Upper Dean and Deancombe. Lower Dean lies to the left of the A38
The great yew tree in the churchyard was planted in 1780. The lytch gate was built last century and replaced the church house and alms houses.
The Parish of Dean Prior: A large area of the small rural parish of Dean Prior is within the Dartmoor National Park. The main village of Dean is divided into Lower and Higher Dean with a separate hamlet of Deancombe and has a population of 160 inhabitants. However, the parish was inevitably affected when it was cut in two by the construction of a dual carriageway. 

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Dean Prior is part of the Dart Valley Mission Community that also includes Staverton; Landscove; Little Hempston and Buckfastleigh, DEVON.

The Dart Valley Mission Community consists of five Church of England parishes in the Dart Valley in South Devon. Working together to provide centres of worship, love and service for our local communities. We share a vicar, the Revd. Tom Benson - contact details for him and for other members of the ministry team can be found on the contact page.

The three parishes of Landscove, Littlehempston and Staverton have a joint service together on the 1st Sunday of the month, and all five parishes normally join together for a shared service in one of our churches when there is a 5th Sunday of the month. However, this is the modern service rather than BCP.